We help entrepreneurs build enduring people-based businesses.



More important than anything else, we are passionate about what we do every day. This passion inevitably leads us into partnerships with company leaders we admire for sharing the same values. We earnestly believe that business success depends heavily on the underlying business culture – vital prerequisite for the company’s continued prosperity. We, therefore, go the extra mile to protect the uniqueness, integrity, dedication, alignment, and mission of each company. We abide by these tenets, and we look for it in all of our partnerships. Values and culture take the front stage, ahead of the numbers. Our focus is on strategic planning, talent development, and growth. We believe implicitly in the servant leadership philosophy that connects to supporting and developing individuals within an organization. Methodically applied in performance planning, it’s the most constructive route to achieving ambitious company goals seamlessly.

Investment Criteria

We focus on dynamic companies in the knowledge economy whose greatest asset is their people.


  • Superior Management Team and Culture
  • Highly Specialized, Mission-Critical B2B Services
  • Preference for North America-based
  • Preference for Founder or Management Ownership
  • Revenue of $15M-$150M, Growing at 10% and Profitable


Professional Staffing

Strategy and
Management Consulting

Life Sciences Services

Digital and Tech-Enabled

Marketing Services

Healthcare Services